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Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society


I was Senior Executive with SBI and migrated to Canada in 2009. I was introduced to PICS by a Family friend and this week I did get a girl came to my apartment and did clean it which gave lot of help to me and my wife( I am aged 73 and she is 69 yrs) which otherwise we were finding it so hard. You guys are doing a wonderful job to make the life of the seniors much easier and comfortable and for that you have my BIG THANK YOU and I PRAY TO GOD TO BLESS YOU ALL HAPPY ,HEALTHY AND LONG LIFE so that you continue doing amazing job for times to come.

During my contact in PICS was Gurleen and I cannot describe in words what a great employee she is and what wonderful services she is providing to seniors . I contacted her on phone and left the message. From that point to the actual start of services she made the whole process so easy, smooth and quick . PICS is lucky to have such a positive looking employee who provides excellent customer service with a smile. PLEASE CONVEY MY KUDOS AND BIG THANK YOU to her.

Krishan Sharma