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Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society


PICS Lifetime Membership is a unique opportunity to make a mark in the community by investing and supporting the society’s initiative to provide quality social services in the Lower Mainland. PICS Lifetime Membership can be obtained by donating $5,000.00 or more to the Society.

  • A Lifetime Member has the right to notice of, to attend, and vote at annual general meetings
  • A Lifetime Member becomes an ambassador for the organization in the Community
  • Lifetime Members get a Tax Receipt for their donation/ membership fee.
  • Approximate value of tax refund for the $5,000 donation is around $2,200
  • A Lifetime Member is entitled to dedicate one room in the name of their loved ones by placing a plaque at PICS Seniors Housing facility
  • Names of Lifetime Members are listed on the PICS website
  • A Lifetime Member has the right to vote to elect Board Members
  • A Lifetime Member can apply to be on the Board of Directors

PICS Society thanks individuals and organizations who actively support PICS as Lifetime Members. Your support helps us to provide high-quality, culturally welcoming services to the local community.

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