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Raj Brar - Director

Raj Brar

Director of Career Services

Raj Brar is a reliable, committed, and results-focused individual with over 20 years of experience in education and employment programs. She has a diverse skill set, including project development, project management, event coordination, fundraising, and educational and employment counseling. Raj has contributed her expertise to both public and non-profit sectors, making a positive impact in various organizations. Raj’s immigration journey to Canada was marked by challenges, starting as a blueberry picker with low wages and unrecognized credentials. However, her determination led her to pursue education in Computer Technology and employment counseling(CCDP), which ultimately led to a position at BCIT.

In 2018, Raj joined PICS’s Foreign Credential Recognition Loans program, where she successfully led a team that assisted Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) in settling into different cities across BC. Currently, Raj serves as the Director of Career Services at PICS, where she is deeply passionate about empowering women, supporting professionals, and addressing workplace and community racism.