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WAGE (Women And Gender Equality)

About WAGE Program

“Women Escaping Violence”

The program is focused on advancing Gender Equality within our communities. We partner with the Aboriginal community Policing Centre Society, Vancouver to support women who come from South Asian and Aboriginal communities. We support them by informing and educating them of their rights in Canadian Society.

We encourage them to share their endured hardship to lighten their burden and offer informative and educational workshops, that talk about “The rights of women in Canada, referral services for trauma counseling, Legal help, in-house settlement and Employment support and further training opportunities” at PICS and outside.

We aim to erase the isolation caused by violence and collectively empower the victims to make informed decisions in order to work towards bettering their lives. We try to provide them with the necessary tools to break the cycle of violence and live an independent and stress-free life. Gender inequality strongly intersects with being able to address other gendered issues like the violence against vulnerable populations which predominately consists of children LGBTQ+ and women of color. We strongly support these vulnerable groups to bring gender equality to our communities.

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