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Skills for Success survey project

About Skills for Success survey project

Skills for Success are the foundational skills we use in working, learning, and daily life. They help us adapt to change, learn other new skills, and thrive in daily life. They help us to get a job, progress at our current job or change jobs.

Life Skills


Complete a short Survey and Evaluation to access your Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Digital Skills. Learn about your skills at no cost and gain free access to online lessons designed to support your skill development. Above all get paid for your time and contribution as per the Models: Validation Group – $50, Comparison Group – $100, Training Group – $175

Program Models

Model Description Honorarium
Validation Group Participants complete a survey and evaluation $50 per participant
Comparison Group Participants complete a pre-survey and pre-evaluation. After an 8-12 week period, the participants complete a post-survey and post-evaluation $100 per participant
Training Group Participants complete a pre-survey and pre-evaluation. If their skill level lies below 3 measured on a scale of 1 to 5, then the participants access online training during an 8-12 week period and proceed further for a post-survey and post-evaluation (as in point#3). If their skill level is above 3, then there is no access to online trainings. At this point, either the participants can opt to do a post-survey and post-evaluation and they become the part of Comparison Group and get $100 OR they can opt not to proceed further and be the part of Validation group and can get $50. After training, the participants complete a post-survey and post-evaluation. $175 per participant


Expectation from the Participants (In-Person):

  • Attend a project overview session (Approx. 20 Min).
  • Sign a participation consent form (Approx. 10 Min).
  • Complete a short survey (Approx. 20 Min).
  • Complete an evaluation (Approx. 1 to 3 hours).
  • Receive a complimentary result report identifying your skill strengths and areas for growth.
  • Approximately 8 – 12 weeks later, complete a second short survey and evaluation (Comparison and Training group only)
  • Access free online flexible training to build your skills (Training group only)
  • Following this, you will receive another Result Report identifying how your skills have improved (Comparison and Training group only)
  • Receive a gift card (all three Modules)

Eligibility Criteria

Immigration Status + Current resident of BC

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Protected Refugees
  • CUAET Visa Holder
  • Work/Study Permit Holder


  • 18 years and Above

Contact Information

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