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Legal Advocacy Program

About Legal Advocacy Program

The Legal Advocacy Program is a partnership program between Archway Community Services (ACS) and Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society.

It has two Legal Advocacy Workers, one at Archway Community Services and the other at Progressive Inter-cultural Community Services to address the unique needs of the seasonal worker communities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Regions.

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  • Up to $638 weeklTo provide legal information, education, awareness and access to seasonal farm workers in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areay allowance for eligible candidates
  • To provide research and analysis on policies and law (Municipal, Provincial, and Federal) which deny equitable treatment to the seasonal farm workers
  • To advocate and lobby for changes in such policies
  • To liaise, enhance and coordinate with existing Agricultural Worker Advisory Committee, and other support/reference based consortiums
  • Ongoing educational workshops to workers to inform them of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Agriculture Worker’s Resource Center at both organizations
  • Translate publications in Punjabi and other languages if needed
  • Underground Utilities Locator certificate
  • To work in partnership with legal professional to ensure legally redress for seasonal farm workers.

Farm Workers

  • EPoor working conditions
  • ENon Payment of wages
  • ECyclical Nature of employment
  • EMultiple barriers in employment
  • EUnsafe transportation
  • EHealth & Safety Hazards
  • ECultural Sensitivity and Harassment
  • ELack of childcare facilities
  • ELack of information on Employment Standards, Worker’s Compensation, Employment Insurance, Tenancy and legal redress.

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