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About SAFE Program

This program focuses on children, youth, and families, primarily in Newton and with immigrant/refugee backgrounds. It provides outreach workers who receive referrals and proactively undertake outreach to children, youth, and families with high-risk factors for gang involvement. The program focuses on home visits and out-of-school/business hours connections with families to undertake needs assessment as well as provide and follow up on referrals to existing programs and services within the community. This program will be executed in partnership with the:


Surrey Anti-Gang Family Empowerment (SAFE) Program

An evidence-based, multi-agency program designed to address and prevent youth gang violence. SAFE programs support children and youth to divert them from pathways to gang involvement. Family supports are also provided in target neighborhoods to build resiliency against gang violence. Some programs deliver culturally appropriate support to groups at higher risk for involvement in Lower Mainland gangs.


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  • Address program gaps with innovative new services
  • Build on effective existing programs
  • Coordinate support for families across agencies
  • Evaluate programs for continuous improvement of services


There are eleven programs within SAFE that will be delivered in the community:

  • 5SAFE Centre – Collaboration Hub
  • 5Children and Youth At‑Risk Table (CHART)
  • 5Caregiver Education / Clinical Counselling
  • 5Family & Youth Resource Support Team (FYRST)
  • 5Female Youth Gang Intervention Program
  • 5Peer Leadership Program
  • 5South Asian Family Strengthening Team
  • 5Youth Hub for Cooperative Enterprise
  • 5SAFE is supported by the Government of Canada in an innovative partnership with the municipal government to deliver local solutions that meet the specific needs of our community.
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Public Safety Canada


SAFE programs will be delivered in partnership with the following organizations:

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