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“Connections” – Youth Integration Project

About “Connections” Project

“Connections” is an Integration Program for kids and youth from Ukraine who arrived in British Columbia, Canada. In 2022, nearly one third of Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and full-scale war.

Combining English and activity classes with psychological circles and community-based events we help Ukrainian kids and youth to find their places in the new country by improving their social skills and English language. We learn the history and culture of Indigenous people, visit amazing places, have intercultural workshops and educational tours and many many more.

‘Connections’ helps kids and youth to find new friends, feel themselves safe and give them a sense of community while they integrate into a new society here in Canada.


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  • 12 weeks of FREE Activities
  • English Classes
  • Workshops, Tours, Hiking, Cultural events and much more!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Should be 13-29 years old.
  • Participant arrived to Canada under CUAET Program.
  • Participant must be a resident of British Columbia.

Contact Information

Connections Project

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