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Access to Legal Empowerment Program (ALE)

About ALE Program

Access to Legal Empowerment program is about empowering the people of British Columbia by giving them concise and clear access to legal information needed to know about BC’s law system.

Concise legal information material based on the most common needs of marginalized and racialized clients will be provided in different languages, in a personal and non-threatening environment delivered by staff with emotional intelligence and strict confidentiality. The information will be delivered through fact sheets, workshop sessions, one-on-one guidance, media platform presence, and outreach to service providers in the Lower Mainland.

Resources to navigate different options for legal issues within the Civil and Justice system will be made available. Compact flyers, print outs and power point presentations on different legal topics such as Canadian Immigration Law, Human Rights, and Discrimination, Family Law, Gender Based Violence, Contact with Police, Criminal Law Processes, Wills and Representation Agreements, and Employment Law and Law Suits and others will be provided.

Access to legal Empowerment program


  • Referral to the best suitable legal agencies, lawyers, and legal help organizations.
  • One-on-one guidance.
  • Information fact sheets
  • Legal Needs assessment
  • Legal Awareness
  • Legal Capability Certificate upon successful completion 4 workshops
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Access to PICS Society’s other services

Who is the program for?

  • 5Youth (12 to 18 years old)
  • 5Indigenous persons and communities
  • 5Racialized persons or communities
  • 5Immigrants and newcomers
  • 5LGBTQ2S+
  • 5Vulnerable or marginalized persons
  • 5Official language minority groups
  • 5People with disabilities
  • 5Economically – disadvantaged persons
  • 5Families experiencing separation and divorce
  • 5Victims and survivors of family


There will be one workshop per month. 20 workshops will be conducted in total. A list of workshops will be provided to the clients beforehand enabling them to choose the ones they wish to attend. These workshops will provide them with legal awareness of their rights in B.C. Clients are encouraged to attend at least 4 different workshops in order to get a simple LEGAL CAPABILITY CERTIFICATE. The certificate can be used in their resumes indicating their awareness of their rights in B.C. There is no cost involved for the workshops, information, and study material or for reaching out to our ALE Team for any issues.

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