Testimonials and Success Stories from our clients and volunteers



“We were able to get jobs instantaneously!”

sheetal-gupta-and-madhur-guptaDear Eva, We would like to say that we are much thankful for your dedicated efforts to secure jobs for me (Sheetal Gupta) and my husband (Madhur Gupta). I would like to thank PICS also because of which we were able to meet you. We landed in Vancouver, Canada as newcomers on 6th July 2016 and were able to get jobs on 1st August 2016 with your help. Eva, we would just like to say a very warm thankful to you and can’t find enough words to express our feelings. I am happily working at Riviera Hotel with Mr. Kumar and my husband is working with in Pitt Meadows. Kindest and Best Regards
– Sheetal Gupta & Dr. Madhur Gupta (PICS Surrey Settlement Office)

“Thank you for your knowledge, time and dedication”

Dear Sukhwinder, We feel that writing about our experience is the best way we can thank you for all the help, knowledge, time and dedication that you have devoted to us and, still continue to.
As we all know, there are plenty of things that newcomers like us need to learn and adapt to in a new country. And that’s what we have been trying to do for the past year – fighting the settlement stress, adapting to a new environment, looking for jobs and learning everything from scratch. Among all this, we took over the lease for a house and decided to sublet the basement as help with rent. We accepted the tenant without checking references because she seemed fine but a couple months later we found ourselves in a unpleasant situation when she started creating problems and refused to move out, even threatening us with lawsuits. Completely shocked by what was going on, we were trying to figure out what to do and how to solve the situation in which we found ourselves. We visited all the Institutions and asked for help, but only received basic information which didn’t prove helpful. But thanks to people at Work BC who introduced us to you and PICS.
You listened to our problem and offered advice and assistance. Moreover the support we got from you reassured us that we are not alone here and that people in our new country are welcoming and ready to help new immigrants as they take their first steps. We can never thank you enough for the help you have provided us, especially in solving this situation.
– Jelena Mijalkovic & Milan Veljkovic (PICS Vancouver Settlement Office)

“I would recommend anyone who needs help to this program”

pamelaHi Manjinder, Thank you for your help and support because of which I got a job in Superstore as a Cashier in the Deli department. I am excited to get my first job in Canada. Now, I can support myself. Thank you to PICS, Program Manager KC Chau and WIMI 45+ program for helping me.
I am a new Immigrant from the US and landed here 8 months ago. Finding a job in Canada is quite different than what it is in the United States. I was completely confused about the process and everyone was asking me for local experience and certification for every single job. It was strange to know that my over a decade of experience as a Baby Nurse had no value in the Canadian system. Then I come to know about PICS and it changed my life in Canada. Everybody welcomed me here with a smile and warmth. I joined WIMI 45+ program and it was the best decision of my life. The program is very informative and it gave me confidence to walk and talk in Canada as an informed immigrant. I learnt Computers and improved my job search skills and found a job at Superstore.
I must thank Manjinder and KC for the opportunity you both gave me. It is greatly appreciated. I will keep in touch. I’m very grateful for the help I got from PICS and I would recommend anyone who needs help to this program. Regards,
– Pamela Ricketts (PICS Employment Programs – WIMI 45 +)

“Thank you for all your support!”

Manjinder, I now have a job as a freelance writer with City of Surrey and I was able to get a job because of the information I gathered from the Job Options Program, specifically transferable skills, networking skills, and ‘sales pitch technique’ that learnt to create a website of my work.
Looking back, before joining this program I was little down and financially stressed. My husband had been laid off and we had two sons going into university. The thought of having to get back into a field that I’d been out of for almost 20 years was exhausting. I had taken classes to upgrade my skills for getting back into technical writing as well as some unpaid work to get my experience up, but I needed a boost to help me figure out how to do a proper job search. I tried different ways to get in the market but nothing Then I came to know about the PICS program. The program helped me explore the job market. I’ve gotten up to speed on social media, I’ve gained confidence in speaking with employers, and I have a realistic view of my transferable skills. But the biggest thing that has happened is that I now have the confidence to ask for help. I think my biggest barrier was my lack of confidence in my abilities, but participating in the Job Options Program has restored my confidence.
I am thankful to you and KC for the help and information both of provided through the program. I highly recommend this program for mature workers to pave the way to career. This program helps to get confidence and develop job search skills. I am thankful to PICS for having such a great program. PICS has awesome facilities and staff that always send positive message and encouragement at each and every step.
– Merja (Job Options Program) The Job Options Programs was unfortunately discontinued a few months ago due to lack of funding.


Registered Nurse started her own business

RoopkamalRoopkamal, born in India, visited PICS in November 2014 shortly after her arrival to Canada. She needed career guidance with two goals in her mind: to open her own business and to pursue her profession as Registered Nurse.
In order to gain the much needed Canadian work experience, Roop volunteered at our reception for a few weeks. She proved herself to be a quick and enthusiastic learner. She joined the six months PICS Youth Entrepreneurship Program in January of 2015. In July 2015, her own boutique Desi Royal – importing exclusive wedding apparels for ladies – was launched to a very promising future. She also registered at PACE Canada College for the Health Care Aid course while awaiting the evaluation and accreditation process with NNAS (National Nursing Assessment Services) in order to achieve her ultimate goal of working as a Registered Nurse in B.C. We wish this dynamic young lady all the Best for a bright future in her new homeland.

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AutoCad Designer started to gain local experience in two month after landing

Arun Anilkumar Prabha (AutoCad Designer) arrived in Canada in 2014 from Bangladesh as skilled worker, hoping for a better future for his family. His friend recommend him to register with PICS. He received guidance though phone, email and in person about job search techniques, updated resume, got recommendation how to deal with employment agencies. As a result Arun got the job as a drafter at BC Hydro and start working towards his local experience.

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I already recommended PICS to my other friends who is going to land here as PR. Registerening with PICS is the most important step which I took after landing here. I don’t know how long I have to wait for reaching my real goal, but this opportunity gives me immense amount of energy to move forward towards my final goal.

PICS client, Vancouver Office