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PICS Society signs MOU with Last Man Stands Canada DEI Foundation (LMS Canada) to Introduce Inclusive Cricket Services for Newcomers

May 1, 2024

Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society is thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration with Last Man Stands Canada DEI Foundation (LMS Canada) aimed at enhancing sports-related services, specifically cricket, for newcomers, youths, seniors, women, and all stakeholders of PICS.

The agreement, signed on April 29th, 2024 signifies a significant step forward in providing comprehensive support to newcomers to Canada. PICS President & CEO Satbir S. Cheema expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Finally, PICS will offer cricket through LMS, providing valuable opportunities for newcomers to Canada who come through our organization. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to supporting newcomers in their journey.

The event, attended by key figures including PICS Senior Director of Language, Settlement, and Social Programs, Ms. Devinder Chattha, highlighted the importance of focusing on the mental and physical well-being of newcomers, particularly international students. Chattha emphasized, “It’s crucial for newcomers, especially international students, to prioritize their well-being. This partnership with LMS Canada will enrich the experience for all stakeholders of PICS.

Dr. Emrul Hasan, Director of LMS Canada and a very well-known lecturer at the University of British Columbia, signed the agreement on behalf of LMS Canada, expressing his optimism about the partnership. “Through this collaboration, we can significantly increase the number of newcomers supported by our innovative programs, including Afghan refugees. Additionally, we aim to double the support for international university students through sponsorship and funding for our LMS Canadian university cricket league.

In conjunction with the partnership, LMS Canada and PICS distributed newcomer boxes sponsored by Canadian Tire to newcomers to Canada, further enhancing their integration into Canadian society.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to fostering inclusivity and providing valuable support to newcomers to Canada through sports and community engagement.