Youth Employment Support Services (YES²) Program

About YES² Program

YES² Employment Program allows you to gain skills to become job ready by learning about topics such as leadership, time management, effective job search tools and techniques, financial literacy, and problem-solving skills!

You will also gain valuable work experience in different industries.



Program Features

  • Action planning for Goal Employment
  • Occupational Specific Language Training (OSLT) Assessment, and Training
  • Foreign Credential Evaluation, if needed
  • Financial support for Skills Enhancement Services (e.g. technical skills and academic upgrading, exam preparation, professional membership and recognition)
  • Networking with professionals, employers and regulators
  • Job search assistance

Eligibility Criteria

Immigration Status + Current resident of BC

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Refugee status


  • Youth aged 16-30


  • High school non-completion
  • Self-identified as disabled
  • Homeless or living in low-income household
  • Self-identified as LGBTQ2+
  • Involvement in Criminal Justice System
  • Substance Abuse
  • Indigenous
  • Recent immigrant
  • Single parent
  • Involuntary not in education, employment, or training for 6 months
*1 item from each category must be met to be eligible

Contact Information

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I was referred to PICS by a settlement officer from S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for this program. As a new immigrant to Canada with very few resources and idea on how to integrate into the community, I thought that this opportunity was an incredible help for me to get started generally in adjusting to Canada life and particularly getting a jumpstart with my career.

Jessica Marie Laya

Hello my name is Anjali, I’m a Nurse by profession. I joined this programme because I was new to Canada, I didn’t know about professional practices here and wanted to upgrade myself according to Canadian culture and practices. I liked most about this programme that it was paid training with some Canadian experience which is the need for new immigrants.


I have been taught a lot of skills in a short period of time here at PICS. Networking would have to be one of the most important. Oddly enough we found that word of mouth is the most common contributor to employment. After all, you are the people you surround yourself with. On top of that, I learned how to make a “bullet proof” resume and cover letter. The contrast between my old resume and the new one is astonishing. They are not even close in comparison. It is important to “awe” an employer when seeking a new job. That’s why my new-found assets of an elevator pitch and “S.T.A.R. stories” are so crucial to me now. These are great tools to have in your back pocket, and they definitely set you apart from the competition. I can’t wait to see how far I am able to go with all these new techniques.

Matt Hauer

It gave me the opportunity to practice and improve my English. The training is aligned with my work requirements, for example I exercised individual and group presentation, team work, job search and interview skills. As a result, I feel much more confident and comfortable doing these things and really enjoyed this programme. Thanks for giving me a chance to participate in such kind of training.

No Name

I was referred to PICS by an employment counselor from Newton Youth Hub Centre for this program. I joined this program because I was new to Canada and looking for an office job. Participating in the program has been a transformative experience for me, particularly in terms of the valuable training I’ve received. One of the most significant areas of growth has been in my language skills. With a concerted effort and the support of the training program, I have seen a marked improvement in both my reading and spoken English. This progress has not only expanded my ability to communicate effectively but has also bolstered my confidence in navigating daily interactions. Additionally, the training has had a profound impact on my creativity, encouraging me to think more innovatively and approach challenges with newfound ingenuity. One particularly striking aspect of the training for me has been the emphasis on “S.T.A.R. stories”, which I have found to be incredibly impactful. The use of “S.T.A.R. stories” has provided me with a versatile and powerful tool that I can readily employ in the future. As I continue to acclimate to life in Canada, I am eager to leverage the skills and techniques I’ve acquired through this training, with the goal of further personal and professional development. Thanks for giving me a chance to participate in such kind of training.

Upon immigrating to Canada with a hopeful perspective for a prosperous career, I encountered the stark reality that securing employment in a new country is more challenging than anticipated. In my pursuit, I discovered this program that promised significant career advancements. I enrolled in this program to receive guidance on navigating the process of job application in Canada and thus figuring out my shortcomings. To my delight, the program turned out to be a valuable learning experience, not just about the employment process but also self-discovery right from the onset.

I learned that I was too focused on my hard skills but upon completing the assignments given, I realized I possess a plethora of soft skills that can also be utilized to my advantage. Furthermore, as I tackled common interview questions, I reflected on my achievements and contemplated on how to tailor them effectively to align with the queries posed by the recruiters.

The YES program provided invaluable support, particularly in the transformation of my resume. As a professional resume writer, crafting my own resume proved challenging due to a lack of impartiality in evaluating my accomplishments. The program’s practical assistance streamlined my resume, making it more accessible to recruiters.

After a detailed discussion with Kathleen on my career path, I no longer feel stuck. My future plans involve reaching out to the CPA and enrolling in their program, a strategic move to enhance the relevance of my accounting degree in the Canadian professional landscape.

Lastly, I learned practical interview skills and after the mock interview, a lot of my ambiguities were cleared regarding the duration of the answer and posing questions to the recruiter towards the end of the interview. I believe this to be one of my biggest accomplishments during the program.

I am really thankful to the whole team for having me in this program and I am looking forward to utilizing this information and skills to shape a promising professional journey in Canada.