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Inter-cultural youth anti-racism awareness program (IYARAP)

About IYARAP Program

PICS Anti-Racism Project provides an opportunity to youth aged 13 to 25 years of all cultural, religious, and gender-based backgrounds in Surrey and Delta to confront racism and discrimination online and in the community; promote digital literacy, and curb online hate; promote intercultural and interfaith understanding; and, engaging youth in discussions on multiculturalism and diversity that will build an understanding of the disparities and challenges faced by local youth and their families belonging to racialized and/or religious minority groups. The Intercultural Youth Anti-Racism Awareness Program (IYARAP) is a one-year program funded by the Federal Government of Canada.

Youth from different ethnic background coming together supporting Anti-racism


  • Gain Volunteering Experience
  • Training to champion Anti-Racism & Anti-Hate messaging
  • Awareness of racism and discrimination among youth in the community & online
  • Educate and empower peers and other community members to recognize and respond to racism & discrimination
  • Provide knowledge about resources available to report and address racism & discrimination

Eligibility Criteria


  • Residents of Surrey and Delta
  • Youth between 13-25 year

Contact Information

Anti Racism Youth Ambassador Program Flyer 2 pdf

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