PICS has been offering employment programs since 1996. Although, initially, the focus was on supporting new immigrants to integrate into the local labor market, today PICS provides employment services to people from diverse backgrounds. In keeping with PICS’ vision to build a healthy and just society which values and respects all cultures; PICS programs use a person centered approach and are open to all eligible participants.

Presently PICS offers employment programs and services from multiple locations that include: Surrey, Delta, White Rock, and Vancouver.

Programs and services offered are as follows

This program that is jointly funded by the Federal Government and the Provincial Government is delivered through WorkBC storefronts that are distributed across the Province. PICS is a partner with numerous WorkBC Employment Service Centres (ESCs) located in Surrey, Delta and Vancouver and PICS’ staff is assigned to these storefronts to deliver services to clients from their respective catchment areas. (Read more …)
BEST Programs are a suite of self-employment programs that support potential entrepreneurs to plan, launch, and operate businesses successfully. These programs include:

Self-Employment Program

Clients for this program are referred from WorkBC ESCs. The program supports participants to translate their business ideas into successful operating businesses. Self-employment Program is delivered over a period of 48 weeks. (Read more…)

PICS Entrepreneurship Program

PICS delivers Entrepreneurial Skills Training at Surrey and Vancouver locations. This program is funded by the Federal Government as part of BC Job Fund Program.(Read more…)

Business Development Training and Financing Program

Clients who are not eligible for the above government funded programs are able to find support through this fee for service program. Clients are supported in developing business plans and can avail business consultation and mentorship to launch and operate their businesses. The program also supports participants in identifying financial institutions and applying for start-up loans. (Read more…)

This program is funded by the Province of BC and provides training and support for unemployed, non-EI eligible British Columbians who are 45 years of age or older to find and retain employment. (Read More) 
This program provides specific employment-related services to clients referred by WorkSafeBC and is designed to help injured workers gain, maintain, and improve skills that allow them to return to the labor market. (Read more…)
PICS provides employment and self-employment related support services in the form of:

Employment Resource Centre

This centre provides information and resources to job seekers. (Read more…)

Business Development Resource Centre

This centre provides information and resources related to setting up and operating businesses. (Read more…)

PICS Mega Job Fair and Business Expo

This is an annual event that attracts over 100 local businesses and employers. To learn more about PICS Mega Job Fair and Business Expo please go to