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UK Consul Generals Explore PICS Society’s Inspiring Journey in Surrey

Jan 17, 2024

PICS (Progressive Intercultural Community Services) Society had the distinct honor of hosting esteemed UK Consul Generals, Mr. Thomas Codrington (British Consul General in Vancouver) and Ms. Fouzia Younis (British Consul General in Toronto), along with MLA Mr. Jagrup Brar, for a day of engagement and exploration at the PICS head office and PICS Assisted Living.

Ms. Fouzia Younis expressed her deep appreciation for the warm welcome, stating, “Coming here at PICS made me feel like I was back at home. I was so honored and inspired by PICS’ journey, finding out that you grew from $80 in 1987 to nearly $24 Million, and that is a journey we can all learn from.

Mr. Thomas Codrington commended the wide array of services provided by PICS to the community, emphasizing the significance of the connections between Surrey and the UK. “It is great to see all the services that PICS provides to the community.” He was amazed to see the links between people in Surrey and the people in the UK. He remarked. Mr. Codrington also highlighted the sense of community and collaboration, stating, “It is great to see the community coming together and providing services for each other to help each other integrate and make the most out of life in Canada.

The meet and greet session at PICS head office and PICS Assisted Living provided an opportunity for the Consul Generals and MLA Mr. Jagrup Brar to witness firsthand the impactful work being done by PICS Society. The Consul Generals were impressed by the growth and evolution of PICS over the years and acknowledged the organization’s dedication to community service.