Hi Manjinder, Thank you for your help and support because of which I got a job in Superstore as a Cashier in the Deli department. I am excited to get my first job in Canada. Now, I can support myself. Thank you to PICS, Program Manager KC Chau and WIMI 45+ program for helping me.
I am a new Immigrant from the US and landed here 8 months ago. Finding a job in Canada is quite different than what it is in the United States. I was completely confused about the process and everyone was asking me for local experience and certification for every single job. It was strange to know that my over a decade of experience as a Baby Nurse had no value in the Canadian system. Then I come to know about PICS and it changed my life in Canada. Everybody welcomed me here with a smile and warmth. I joined WIMI 45+ program and it was the best decision of my life. The program is very informative and it gave me confidence to walk and talk in Canada as an informed immigrant. I learnt Computers and improved my job search skills and found a job at Superstore.
I must thank Manjinder and KC for the opportunity you both gave me. It is greatly appreciated. I will keep in touch. I’m very grateful for the help I got from PICS and I would recommend anyone who needs help to this program.