Hello, my name is Ravneet Kaur and I have recently immigrated to Canada. I have done Bachelor in Dental Surgery and Masters in Public Health. Being a Dentist by profession, I have an experience of working in healthcare for more than 2 years. I am writing this letter in order to summarize my experience in the PICS S.I.Y.E.P program.

Firstly, I joined this program for social integration, to understand the culture of Canada and to get an employment in my field of work. But my experience in S.I.Y.E.P. program is much more than I expected. This program aided me in realising my self worth and in gaining my confidence back which was kind of lost when I moved to Canada. Also, everybody related to this project has put up a lot of efforts in planning the whole curriculum in order to cater to the needs of each and every person who participated in it.

Furthermore, support in every form whether it was emotional, mental or financial was received with utmost care from all who managed the project. Actually I could see that support from the very beginning when some technical issues aroused in my intake and the way it was followed up was amazing and it touched my heart. Despite a lot of differences in racial and cultural background of all the participants, there was not a single instance that made me felt an outsider.

Secondly, on the professional front, it assisted me in gaining valuable employment skills like networking, public speaking, resume and cover letter writing. In addition to this, preparation for the interviews, gaining certifications and work experience at PICS mega job fair were additional benefits that I received during the whole curriculum. Though I had achieved a lot while in the program but my biggest accomplishment was the ability to speak in front of everyone to give presentation on my own culture. Besides giving me confidence, it also instilled a sense of pride in me when I learned astonishing facts about my culture’s history

Moreover, the experience of managing the administrative work in PICS Mega Job Fair along with other teammates is going to be an asset for me. I learned how to plan, manage such a big event and what all is needed in order to make the event successful. Apart from this, fabricating the career action plan has given me the pathway to achieve my ultimate goal of pursuing dentistry in Canada. Also, it helps me to stay focused and plan for the future in accordance to my capabilities.

Concluding it, I can say that this was much needed program of my life that helped me to gain the necessary strength to overcome all the odds in order to achieve my goals and the belief that I can do well in any adverse situation and can excel. The enthusiastic and motivating environment that I have visualised here will keeps on inspiring me in the future too.