About 2 years ago my mom and I were at a physio appointment. She was in for an assessment for the types of equipment she would need such as a cane, walker, wheelchair etc. At the physio office we had a conversation about services available to help mom. I am 70 years old and my mom is 91. We were both eligible for The South Vancouver Better at Home Program services however at the time I thought she would benefit from it.

My mom lived on her own until the hearty age of 88. She was diagnosed with dementia which was mild at the time, however it has aggressively progressed. Before her memory loss, she was sort of a “neat freak” so I think at times it gives her a sense of calming to see someone clean or to be in a clean home. She was always very particular about the way she cleaned and so she is always watching the housekeeper from her chair. It was very difficult to explain things to her about why we had to move her in with myself and my husband. She was comfortable and used to being on her own. The moment I started noticing mice droppings and ants in the corners of the kitchen I just knew we had to change things up. The building managers in her previous home were not very on top of the cleanliness of the place.

I have find The Better At Home Program has been very good, it has helped me a lot. I am the main caregiver for my mom however, with my own health conditions, it had been difficult. I have breathing problems and arthritis. The program has been sort of a necessity for me; it has made a good impact for me. The housekeeper is great, she is a nice person.

I would have a hard time going without the housekeeping service. Communication is great with the program, if I have to cancel or switch appointments. Mom and I look forward to seeing the housekeeper every 2 weeks. Mom doesn’t always recognize her, but she sees a friendly face and it makes her smile.

It’s been about a year since I started to use the program for my mom and I. I heard about the program through the south health team and the physiotherapist. It takes a burden off and I think I am surprised at how much the housekeeper is able to accomplish in 1.5 hours.”

I am Deep Kumar and 79 years old. Two years earlier in September 2014, I was very sick and could not walk properly. Fortunately, I got a space in PICS Assisted Living. I feel like it’s a blessing from God. The care given to me has brought me back to good health. I have no relations and no family support in Canada, but here at PICS it is like staying with my family. The staff here is very competent, good-natured and understanding. The food, environment and everything here is very good and it has truly “extended my life”. PICS is trying to open a new extended health facility and I request everyone to support them.

I am extremely fortunate and happy to find a second home at PICS Assisted Living. All my needs are met here just as if I was living at home! The food is very home-like and tasty, the staff is helpful, attentive and the management is always available to listen to any complaints and provide appropriate advice and remedies.

My fellow residents are very friendly and neighbourly and I enjoy their company. My two rooms equipped with a kitchenette and shower, are very spacious and meet all my needs. I think it is worth the long wait to become a resident.