Hey Barry, I have been wanting to revisit the Vancouver South Office but wasn’t sure when to drop by. How have you all been doing recently? As for myself, I have been doing very well. I recently got a job working at a University Office. The skills I developed in the PICS office have been invaluable to me. I am inexpressibly grateful for the experience with PICS that’s now translating to my professional career. On another side note, do you remember on my first day at work you handed me a pen and told me to hold on to it? Well, I was at my cousin’s wedding last week, and just as they were about to sign the wedding certificate, they realized they did not have a pen. So I reached into my pocket, found the PICS pen, and lent it to them. And even though by accident I managed PICS product placement at the wedding. Please let me know how the office is faring and give my regards to former colleagues (particularly to Minal, Maninder, Skye, Sandy, Winston, Linda and VJ).