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Project Overview

Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) is a registered non-profit society that has been serving the local community since 1987, providing a broad spectrum of programs and services that assist new immigrants, seniors, women and youth.

In the late 1990s, the Society recognized a growing need for subsidized housing and care for seniors from within multicultural communities. With funding support from the community and BC Housing, PICS was able to build two separate facilities: a 77 Unit Independent Living Facility and a 49 Unit Assisted Living Facility. Just steps from the Strawberry Hill Shopping Center and within walking distance of churches, temples, libraries, and other amenities, these two complexes house up to 260 individual seniors.

Culturally-Sensitive Care: Central to the success of these facilities is the concept of Culturally-Sensitive Health Care. This is a term that refers to a facility or program in which clients and caregivers, while not limited to the same ethnic or religious group, come from a background of common interests and belief systems.

Culturally-sensitive care facilities have a sufficiently diverse staff to ensure that residents are fully understood when speaking their mother tongue; the food is familiar to them; their religions can be practiced in an environment that is appropriate; and they are in a place that feels like home and in an environment where family and friends feel welcome.”


PICS Diversity Village – Live Where the World Lives

Our next project is a culturally-sensitive “complex care” or “long term care” facility to meet the needs of seniors who require the support of full nursing services. The proposed facility will accommodate 140 residents in private rooms on two and half acres of land. It will be a multi-storey concrete building, built to hospital standards, designed in the style of a Village made up of 14 “Houses”.

Each House will have 10 private self-contained rooms – kitchen, dining room, living room and activity room – making each House a self-contained unit for 10 residents who share a common language. This creates options for several different cultural-linguistic groups in the village, as well as houses for specific care groups such as residents with dementias.

On each floor, large common rooms will allow interaction within and between cultures, while the ground floor will incorporate amenities open to both the neighbourhood and village residents, such as hair care, pharmacy, convenience store and café. The plan also includes space for private offices for doctors, senior medical and service staff, and a commercial grade kitchen. Living in this village also means living in a village where children are welcome.

This is a project that addresses an urgent need in our community; the estimated need right now, just for the South Asian community in Surrey, is 500 beds. When you take into account other communities requiring culturally-sensitive care the total immediate need is much higher.

Seventy-Five space day care and Montessori School

Our plans incorporate Daycare facilities for Toddlers and 3-5 year olds, allowing for up to 75 children to be onsite every day. This is important, as interactions between those in their early years and those in their twilight years have been shown to be highly beneficial to both groups. For this the BC Government has already committed an amount of $500,000. The facility will also include a Montessori school which will be a revenue generator.

The cost of this building is estimated to be $60 million, depending on the level of care that the Fraser Health Authority will require.

The Board of Directors of the PICS Society is seeking to complete this building with as little debt as possible in order to ensure that seniors can afford to live in PICS Diversity Village; people will pay what they can afford and the rest will be subsidized. That is why we need community support.

Culturally-sensitive health care is proven to be a successful and beneficial approach, especially when it comes to caring for our seniors in a society and community that has become increasingly multicultural. With the strong support of that community, this much needed project will become a reality in the very near future.


  • Acquired land – 2.5 acre property located in central Cloverdale
  • Fundraising with a target of raising $5 million
  • Professional teams engaged: CONCOSTS; Ciccozzi Architecture; McElhanney Planning
    and Engineering Consultants
  • Researching “Best Practice” sites; developing Functional Program; Designing the
  • 1st Reading and 2nd readings with City of Surrey successfully passed in January 2015
    and March 2016.


Designed to meet the Social, Cultural and Dietary needs of members of the multicultural community, PICS Diversity Village will be located in Surrey. PICS’ proposed Long Term Care Home will be a 125 bed facility fully equipped to care for the elderly who need personalized attention in a setting which is familiar to them.

Services offered at the care home will include:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Social, leisure & recreational activities
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • Both South Asian and Western meals

Surrey Memorial Hospital currently houses 150 South Asian seniors and this facility when built will not only ease the overcrowding at the hospital but will also save the government at least $1000 per day, per senior.


The need for a Multicultural Seniors Long Term Care Home  has been acutely felt in the community for a long time. PICS has recently acquired land to build this home for our seniors, but it can’t become a reality without the support of our community. So open your hearts and show your support for this Long Term Care Home! Support the community, Support your Seniors by giving.

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