Dear PICS Friends and associates,

We are pleased to announce that the work on the multicultural extended seniors care home has begun! We are working diligently towards applying for rezoning of the land through City Hall.

The following professionals have been hired to work on this exciting project:

  • Concost Managements Inc. (CONCOSTS)
    Matt K. Weber, AScT, PQS
    Vice President & Director

  • Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.
    Robert Ciccozzi, Architect AIBC, AIA, AAA

  • McElhanney Consutling Services Ltd.
    James Pernu, MSc
    Project Manager / Senior Planner

From August 1st, 2015 and onwards, our monthly expenses will rise to approximately $35,000 per month. We would appreciate all of our friends and associates to generously donate so we can carry on and complete the project by early 2018.

This is a project for the community and a survey recently performed by PICS clearly demonstrates that the extended seniors care home is urgently needed. It’s impossible for PICS Board and me to do this on our own. We are therefore seeking financial, social and moral support from the entire community.

It has been suggested that the three wings of the building can be named after organizations, companies or individuals who donate towards the building. The suggested rate for the naming of the wing is $1.5 million per wing – with the total cost of the building being projected at $30 million.

We are enjoying tremendous support from the community thus far and hope this continues. Some small and big organizations have made a collective effort to support our fundraising efforts at PICS. Even after an extremely successful fundraiser by PICS in May which generated more than $100,000, small amounts of donations are still trickling in. Our spirits are lifted and we are thrilled to see people coming together to support us, but we need to do better.

Most donations up till now have come from ordinary and concerned citizens but we plan to start lobbying affluent community members and large corporations. We are preparing a promotional brochure for our fundraising activities which will be ready in approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

If some philanthropic persons would like to donate we would be happy to personally visit them to explain about the progress we’re making and what the outcomes of the project would be.

PICS has demonstrated its ability to provide culturally appropriate services to our seniors in their time of need at our Assisted Living facility and this is evident from the satisfaction felt by our residents there.

BC Housing Association too evaluated PICS Assisted Living facility and we are proud to say that it ranked PICS housing services for seniors number two in the province of BC!

So friends let’s all come together and give our seniors a home where they can spend the last days of their lives in a comfortable, dignified home.


Dr. Charan Gill, MA., M.S.W., O.B.C.
Chief Executive Officer, PICS