PICS Society’s Settlement Department has been providing free services to the immigrant population since 2002. During the time, we have acquired an expertise in dealing with settlement & integration issues and engaging with the community. Our services focus on a full range of support activities that involve: orientation, access to services, settlement counselling, referrals, training, guidance, mentoring and service bridging, among others.

The Settlement staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the field and is committed to serving with the respect, dignity and professionalism everyone deserves. We pride ourselves in being able to serve clients in English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Dari, Farsi, Arabic and Pashto.


The following persons are eligible to receive services under the Settlement Program:

Under Citizenship and Immigration Canada

  • Permanent residents of Canada;
  • Protected persons as defined in section 95 of the IRPA;
  • Individuals who have been selected, in Canada, to become permanent residents (pending medical, security and criminal verification’s) and who have been informed of this by a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada;

Under BC Settlement Services

  • Naturalized Citizens;
  • Individuals in British Columbia who have a valid nomination certificate from British Columbia under the Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Temporary Foreign Workers

Some services we provide are:

  • Information & Referrals
  • Needs Assessment
  • Community Connections
  • Settlement Plan
  • Personalized Information and Guidance
  • One-on-One and Group Orientation

We also offer various Workshops, such as:

  • Health and Wellness in Canada
  • New Life in Canada and All Aspects
  • Financial Planning and Consumer Rights
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Mentorship Services
  • Newcomer Women’s Education and Support Group
  • Volunteer Recruitment

Settlement Plan

Clients with long-term issues or settlement challenges are supported by a Settlement Plan, wherein cooperating clientele are provided with a mutually established plan to achieve professional and personal settlement goals over a relatively longer duration – this plan is broken into shorter segments or milestones and each such milestone is worked on or executed on the foundation of the previous milestone. The purpose of this activity is to render clients independent of secondary and tertiary assistance, and hence, lead client to be active participants in Canadian life and society. A file is maintained to follow up and document the progress of the plan.

Community Connections

Eligible clientele and their families are provided with access to support from the existent long-term residents within their community, relevant events and other community resources. This helps in creating opportunities for newcomers to indulge in social and professional exchange with residents who have been in Canada for longer period, and perhaps, are well-acquainted with the process of settlement themselves. This program is delivered through a range of partnerships including service provider organizations, public institutions such as libraries, community recreation centers, employers and other local partners.

To contact the Vancouver Settlement Office, please call 778.371.8552