Migrant Worker’s Program

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What is the TMW Program?

The Government of Canada’s Migrant Worker’s Program Support Network program spearheaded by ESDC is a pilot project aimed at informing and supporting Migrant Workers from economic exploitation and misinformation. This program will educate and support migrant workers and employers about their rights and responsibilities.

Throughout the program, customized workshops will be conducted on legal issues, safety in the workplace, employment standards and other social services that the TMW are entitled to but do not access for a variety of reasons.

Workplace English classes will be offered as an additional support to workers.

English classes have started for the migrant workers. They are currently being held at the Ladner Pioneer Library on Sunday afternoons from 2- 4, sometimes longer. We have 4 students and are hoping that word will get around and more students will attend. Until further notice, you will find us at the back of the library.

There will be a workshop at the job fair on the Employment Standards Act. Anybody can attend and hopefully, we will also attract the attention of employers and migrant workers

Migrant Worker’s Program funded by Ministry of Employment Social Development

The program will run out of the PICS Surrey Head Office.

Contact:    Gita Matthew,Eva Touzard, Kamaljit Bharya and Daljit Hundal Email: Gita.matthew@pics.bc.ca, Eva.touzard@pics.bc.caTel: 604-596-7722 ext.138