PICS delivers this program, Pathways to Safety, to provide information in clients’ native language so they understand the severity of COVID-19 and adopt safety measures to stay safe and healthy. We see the need to avail to all its clients written information about the virus and the new government rules and regulations in their language, mainly Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic. We can clearly see the benefit of tailored information sheets for our clients. PICS will outreach to all existing and new clients via email attaching the vital COVID-19 information in the client’s language, either Punjabi, Farsi or Arabic. In the rare case, clients do not have access to a computer or cell phone, we propose to mail the same information to them so they don’t miss it.

Starts on July 2, 2020 ends on July 31st 2020.

For information on the project or to receive the information in your native language please contact 604-596-7722 ext. 107 or email

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