Covid -19 threat to relationships and ways to combat it.
We as a responsible public service organization is playing an effective role to help families in
sailing through relationship problems during this worldwide health crisis by offering various
programs and workshops.
The workshops could be held one-on-one by phone calls or in small groups through video
conferencing. The idea is to listen to any one family member or the whole family who are
going through mental stress and anxiety during these tough times to help them vent out their
emotions without being judgmental. If need felt, they could be referred to the experts for
help in the concerned field.
The guidance to individual or family seeking help involves finding various activities that can
help them fight back stress and anxiety leading to relationship strain. Families can be
encouraged to involve themselves in some indoor activities like playing cards, chess, and
carom-board to keep them happy. They can read books of their interests and if allowed and
by following the rules of maintaining the physical distance and wearing mask, can go to
nearby library. Going out for a walk and biking will be very beneficial. Family members can
take on responsibilities of household chores to avoid putting burden on one person only.
Another way of helping families is by connecting them with other people through group video
meetings so that they get to talk to another person or family to share their day-to-day
experiences during this common hardship. This will make them realize that others are also
going through the same situation, will encourage them all to relate to each other, and might
help resolving their family issues by sharing their thoughts.
PICS Families Connect Program will support families to support each other and themselves to
face the distressing period of COVID-19 Pandemic smoothly.

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