The need for quality senior care in Canada is growing. British Columbia is aging faster than the rest of Canada, with seven of the Canada’s ten municipalities with the highest proportion of seniors located in this province. Surrey’s 65-and-older population is set to grow by 144% in the next 25 years. Bed needs in BC are on the rise and will triple by 2039. This is already straining health care providers, costing hospitals as much as $1000 per day, per senior.

Surrey’s South Asian population is in particular need of attention, as language barriers and cultural concerns often limit the options for suitable senior care. Many hospital residents in long-term care report never having had a familiar meal, or having their cultural practices ignored or dismissed.

Designed to meet the Social, Cultural and Dietary needs of members of the multicultural community, PICS Diversity Village (PICS seniors Long Term Care Home) will be located in Surrey. PICS’ proposed PICS Diversity Village will be a 125 bed facility fully equipped to care for the elderly who need personalized attention in a setting which is familiar to them.

Services offered at the care home will include:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Social, leisure & recreational activities
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • Both South Asian and Western meals

Surrey Memorial Hospital currently houses 150 South Asian seniors and this facility when built will not only ease the overcrowding at the hospital but will also save the government at least $1000 per day, per senior.

PICS Diversity Village will change that.

Like any full-care facility, PICS Diversity village will provide the essentials: full medical care, 24-hour emergency response, housekeeping and assistance with daily living tasks. But any similarities to a hospital end there. Residents at Diversity Village will enjoy social, leisure and recreational activities specifically tailored to their lifestyle. Cultural and religious practices will be respected and encouraged. Familiar food will be served. An integrated daycare will encourage family visits and the mingling of generations, which studies show keeps people healthy longer. The emphasis is on supported living that still allows the freedom to live a vibrant life—a state-of-the-art care model that truly values the person not just as a patient, but as a member of a community.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Now it’s time for the children to raise a village. Help us build PICS Diversity Village, and provide a home away from home for the ones we love.