PICS E-Agriculture Training Program (PEAT)

This 20-week, free training program will provide eligible Immigrants and Visible Minorities with in-demand agricultural skills to obtain and sustain good paying jobs. Participants will be placed in either Stream 1 – Skilled Workers (lower English language skills and limited digital literacy) or Stream 2 – Technician (advanced English language skills and intermediate level of digital literacy). Components of the program include Canadian Workplace Culture, Essential Skills, soft skills/employability skills, short duration certification, occupational skills, job search skills, and supervised on-the-job work experience (practicum).

Upon successful completion of the training and work experience, participants will receive a certificate of completion by PICS and Western Community College, and will be supported towards full-time employment.


· Stream 1: Digital Literacy, Industry Terminology and Occupational English Language Training, Pest Management, Pruning, Health and Safety at the Workplace

· Stream 2: Introduction to Agriculture Technology (Argus), Irrigation Systems, Propagation, Fertilizers


·  Immigrants within 10 years of landing (Canadian Citizen / Permanent Resident)

·  Refugee (with court’s decision)

·  Legally entitled to work in Canada

·  Living in British Columbia

·  Unemployed or precariously employed

·  has experienced barriers to employment

Work Experience (4 weeks)


· First Aid – Level 1, WHMIS, Food Safe, Fork Lift, Fall Protection, and Pesticide Applicator

Financial supports:

· Personal protective equipment will be provided

· Training Allowance, Child Care, and Transportation will be available on a need basis as per availability of funding

Start Date:

· Stream 1 – May 31st to Oct 15th, 2021

· Stream 2 – Jul 27th to Dec 10th, 2021

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Anjani at 604-596-7722 ext. 606

Tajinder at 604-596-7722 ext. 608

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