Foreign Credential Program 

FCR Program helps Internationally Trained Professionals to get back into their professional field or alternative related career field.

The program also offers multiple loan amount up to $15,000 depending on the process, to cover the cost of credentialing along with a flexible repayment schedule.

What is FCR Program?

Foreign Credential Recognition is a process adapted to verify that the education and work experience obtained in another country is equivalent to the standards established for Canadian work force. The duration to get the foreign credentials recognized may vary from profession to profession.

FCR-Foreign Credential Recognition PICS Society

How the FCR Program works?

  • Review your credentials
  • Help you to make your career action plan
  • Help you to find the employment in your professional field.

Who is eligible?

  • You are a Canadian citizen
  • You are a Permanent Residence
  • You are a Refugees with legal document representing working status in BC.
  • You have a proof of education credential, work experience and designation obtained in foreign country.
  • You have the eligibility to apply for a loan and credit worthy.

Features and Benefits

  • Training costs for short-term courses and accreditation.
  • Examination fees with associations.
  • Membership and association fees.
  • Course materials and travel allowance.
  • Collaboration with ASTTBC and BCPlan provides increased employment opportunities.

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