The Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership (SISSIP) Network Project

The Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership (SISSIP) Network Project, funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Program, comprises of six Collaborating Organizations operating in the city of Surrey, with PICS as the Backbone Agency.

The five Collaborating Organizations are City of Surrey, Seniors Come Share Society, Sources, UNITI and Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association.

The project is a Collective Impact Initiative designed to address systemic barriers to social inclusion of seniors ( 55+) and to make Surrey a more interculturally inclusive and engaged community.

The project will be implemented from September 2019 to August 2024 and will aim to:

  1. Seniors Centre Without Walls by Seniors Come Share Society
  2. Surrey SHARES by UNITI
  3. Seniors Engagement through Tech by PICS
  4. Connecting Generations by City of Surrey
  5. Seniors Hub by City of Surrey
  6. Promoting Inclusion for Indigenous Elders in Surrey by Sources
  7. Age Friendly Pedestrian Routes by City of Surrey

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The Network :

Surrey Head Office

#205 12725 80th Avenue Surrey, BC

V3W 3A6

T: 604.596.7722 F: 604.596.7721

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