About the Program

  • Seniors on the Go is an initiative under the Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership (SISSIP) Network project.
  • Seniors on the Go has been specifically designed to promote social inclusion, interculturalism, and skills development among seniors aged 55 and above residing in Surrey. Our primary objective is to support seniors in connecting with their families, friends, and the wider world.
  • We aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment that enables seniors to establish relationships, develop support networks, and actively engage with their communities.
  • Our aim is to foster channels of communication, cultural connections, awareness, and recreational opportunities within the network and the community.
  • These activities are thoughtfully divided into recreational, educational, and kinesthetic sessions, with the intention of fostering a sense of confidence and comfort in participating in various social endeavors.
  • We have a diverse array of activities planned to help seniors unleash their creativity, maintain an active lifestyle, promote interculturalism through social engagement, expand their knowledge base, and build confidence in venturing out into the community.

Program Details –

Duration – 3 weeks, thrice a week.

Location – Progressive Intercultural community services (PICS) Society, 12725, 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 3A6.

Registration Link –  https://forms.office.com/r/42r06TUgLY

Contact Details

Phone number – (604) 596 7722 Ext – 183/185

Email: seniorsonthego@Pics.bc.ca