PICS Anti-Racism Project provides an opportunity to youth aged 13 to 25 years of all cultural, religious, and gender-based backgrounds in Surrey and Delta to confront racism and discrimination online and in the community; promote digital literacy, and curb online hate; promote intercultural and interfaith understanding; and, engaging youth in discussions on multiculturalism and diversity that will build an understanding of the disparities and challenges faced by local youth and their families belonging to racialized and/or religious minority groups. The Intercultural Youth Anti-Racism Awareness Program (IYARAP) is a one-year program funded by the Federal Government of Canada..

Program Benefits

  • Gain Volunteering Experience
  • Training to champion Anti-Racism & Anti-Hate messaging
  • Awareness of racism and discrimination among youth in the community & online
  • Educate and empower peers and other community members to recognize and respond to racism & discrimination
  • Provide knowledge about resources available to report and address racism & discrimination

Program Eligibility

  • Residents of Surrey and Delta
  • Youth between 13-25 year

Program Activities

Youth Anti-Racism Exhibition

Led by Youth Ambassadors, Youth Anti-Racism Exhibition will feature youth-created art to generate dialogue about racism. This exhibition will be shared with community members, service providers, local officials, law enforcement personnel, and members of the public.

To participate as an Exhibitor, click on:

To participate as a Visitor, click on:

Youth Anti-Racism Ambassador

Youth Anti-Racism Ambassador Program is created to champion Anti-racism and Anti-hate messaging to mobilize the youth peers and community members. Selected five youth participants from the YOUTH FORUM will plan and hold the Anti-Racism Exhibition, engage with exhibitors, Speakers and participate in Anti-Racism Awareness Project Activities.

Youth Anti-Racism Forum

The Youth Anti-Racism Forum held in August 2022, emphasized educating youth to discuss the Topics of Racism and Discrimination. How it is perpetuated online, and in communities; how to recognize and combat online hate and racism; and, ways to empower youth to overcome the effects of racism and discrimination both online and in the community

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