We’re Here to Help You

PICS provides a variety of comprehensive programs and services to assist new and recent immigrants with their transition within Canada. We are committed to the ongoing growth and change of our clients, and we are able to provide them services in a compassionate, respectful, supportive, and culturally sensitive manner.

We are able to provide our clients with services such as employment programs and counseling, immigration and settlement information, language training, drug/alcohol counseling and seniors housing.

Our offices in Surrey and Vancouver serve new and recent immigrants, families, seniors, and youth. The Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada has provided the funding for our Employment, Settlement and Language Services. BC Housing and the Fraser Health Authority assist with the funding of our housing complex.

In a survey asking immigrants to identify the greatest difficulties encountered in Canada, 26% answered 'learning English or French' while 46% said 'finding a job'.

Language & Literacy

PICS has offered various language services over the years, including Punjabi and French classes. Currently, we are offering ELSA classes for adult newcomers.


PICS offers Employment Programs in Surrey and Vancouver. From job search assistance to specialized programs and training, there’s a range of services to help clients.


The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Project (WICWP) is to support inclusive, welcoming and vibrant communities in BC.


PICS was chosen to develop a seniors housing and care facility within the South Asian community. We also operate a Day Program that enables seniors to socialize..


The PICS Volunteer Program is focused on helping businesses access skilled workers who are willing to contribute their skills, resources, and services.


Immigrant-serving agencies provide settlement services to help newcomers to Canada adjust to their new life.

Special Programs

Many of the projects at PICS receive ongoing funding for several years. However, some projects and programs are run as pilot projects.