PICS Diversity Village



Designed to meet the Social, Cultural and Dietary needs of members of the multicultural community, PICS Diversity Village (PICS seniors Long Term Care Home) will be located in Surrey. PICS’ proposed PICS Diversity Village will be a 140 bed facility fully equipped to care for the elderly who need personalized attention in a setting which is familiar to them.

Services offered at the care home will include:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Social, leisure & recreational activities
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • Both South Asian and Western meals

Surrey Memorial Hospital currently houses 150 South Asian seniors and this facility when built will not only ease the overcrowding at the hospital but will also save the government at least $1000 per day, per senior.

Photo Gallery from Fundraiser and Auction in support of PICS Diversity Village

PICS Gala 2016

Latest news and project updates

2605, 2017

Creating culturally sensitive care homes

CBC Radio One visited our Guru Nanak Niwas Assisted Living facility in Surrey to see how culturally sensitive care homes matter today. By now you've heard the news, Canada's population is aging. Recent numbers from [...]

1502, 2016

PICS Diversity Village Rendering

Here is a great video rendering of what the PICS Diversity Village will look like once complete.

1002, 2016

Nana’s Kitchen donates $5000 to PICS Diversity Village

Extremely happy with the level of care her mother received at PICS Assisted Living, Shelina Mawani and Naseem Dhanji sisters and owners of Nana’s Kitchen and Hot Sauces ltd recently donated $5,000 to PICS Diversity Village.

1412, 2015

Help & Support PICS Diversity Village

Age they say is just a number, but it becomes only a mere number when the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of our seniors is taken care of. Age becomes only a number when our seniors are secure in the knowledge that their needs are being taken care of. PICS is actively fundraising to ensure that our seniors battling aging issues have a cultural sensitive home where they can spend the last phase of their lives in a warm, comfortable environment, a home where they once again start to believe that age is simply a number.

1208, 2015

Support PICS Multicultural Extended Seniors Care Home

Dear PICS Friends and associates, We are pleased to announce that the work on the multicultural extended seniors care home has begun! We are working diligently towards applying for rezoning of the land through City [...]

2205, 2015

PICS Theme song “Giving Back”

PICS Theme song "Giving Back" for Mardi Gras Gala - PICS Fundraiser for Long Term Care Home.

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