HIV and AIDS Program

hivaids2Since 2005 PICS has been promoting healthy living by providing HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention strategies to the multicultural communities of the Fraser Valley region.

Our main objective has been to provide practical strategies though education to prevent HIV/AIDS among Adolescents/Youth based on their value system, cultural heritage and lifestyles.

The PICS Community Outreach Worker has been responsible for delivering series of HIV/AIDS education-based workshops to multicultural communities in the Surrey-Delta area, with a particular emphasis on the facilitation of workshops to South Asian Youth. Through workshops, we attempt to break free from cultural myths and stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. Through visual aids, interaction and open discussion we leave participants with a clear understanding of how HIV is transmitted and can be prevented. Also, participants are left with an understanding of how social/cultural values and norms impact myths surrounding this disease.

PICS will continue to partner with other organizations to ensure that workshops are accessible to the diverse youth groups in the community, specifically new immigrant youth. We would also like to extend the reach of HIV/AIDS education and awareness within the Surrey School District. Along with providing access to HIV/AIDS workshops, we try to empower our youth with much more. Seeds are planted in youth to explore all community resources available to them (e.g. PICS).

We feel that HIV/AIDS workshops are a stepping stone to positive guidance and mentorship. We would like to utilize these workshops to engage youth and point them in the right direction using the proper tools and resources so that they too can become healthy successful individuals.

For more information on our HIV/AIDS workshops, please contact us at 604.596.7722