Our Philosophy

The Centre follows a play-based, child focused, emergent curriculum model. Activities and materials are chosen by the children and teachers to reflect the children’s interests and developmental goals. Developmental goals are created based on the teacher’s knowledge of child development theory, cultural context, research and practice. The children, the ECE staff and the families are all co-contributors to the curriculum.

Our Over 3’s program will be a positive, age-appropriate environment that offers engaging and diverse activities that will provide children with a variety of learning experiences in a creative atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on developing self-help skills, socialization and cooperating within a group setting.

The outdoor plays space will provide a natural place of exploration, discovery and learning. Every day there are new discoveries to be made. All children will spend some time outdoors every day regardless of the weather.

Child Care Daily Schedule

7:00 Open
Free Play & Centre Exploration (Imaginary house play, block corner, water play, painting, playdough, free art, puzzles)
9:15 Circle Time (Show & Share/Special Friend)
9:30 Snack/Bathroom Routines
10:00 Music/Outside/Gym
10:30 Free Play – Outside or Inside
11:30 Circle Time (Phonics/Pre-Writing/Reading/Math/Science)
12:00 Lunch/Bathroom Routines
12:45 Story Time (books and audio)
1:00 Nap/Quiet Time (Books, puzzles, manipulative toys)
2:30 Learning Centre Exploration
3:30 Snack/Bathroom Routines
3:45 Circle Time (Flexible)
4:00 Free Play – Inside or Outside
6:00 Close


Parking: We have ample parking in the parking lot of Shannon Hall of Rodeo grounds.

Pick up policy: If you need to pick up your child from the centre other than regular schedule please inform/call staff before you come to pick up. This will give ample time to staff to prepare for child’s early or late dismissal.

Telephone policy: Our focus is to provide quality childcare. If you call during our busy time while staff is doing daily activities with the children or at the time of nap hours, we may not answer the phone. Please leave a detail message. We will answer the phone when possible within a short time before the end of the day.

Visiting time policy: Our visiting times are Monday – Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. to come to us and visit our centre you don’t need an appointment. We welcome you to bring your child with you – we will be happy to show you around and familiarize you with our activities. If you would like to visit us outside of the visiting times, please let us know and we will arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

  • Health and illness policy: We won’t administer any medicine at the childcare at all. Staff will only administer prescribed medicine with Doctor’s note if parent has filled out Medication Consent form.
  • Your child must stay at home in case of any contagious disease like Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Pink Eye, Mumps, Whooping Cough etc.
  • Normal temperature for young child is 36.5 C. Once the temperature reach above normal, staff will contact parent to pick up the child.

Fees and withdrawal policy: Fees are due on the first day of each month. PICS Child Care Centre requests 3 months of post-dated cheques at time of registration and throughout your child’s enrolment. NSF cheques must be repaid within 5 working days including the $25 surcharge.

Fees are required for a child’s possible illness, vacation, etc., as your child’s space is reserved for him/her.

When it is time to leave PICS Child Care Centre, a minimum of two-month notice is required. Your deposit will be returned to you after the withdrawal, provided that all financial commitment has been met. Your deposit will be forfeited should you fail to give notice of your withdrawal.

Unauthorized policy: An Unauthorized Person is anyone who is not clearly stated on the registration form and any person who is incapable (intoxicated, medicated, etc.) of caring for your child. It is important for staff to know who is authorized to pick up your child thus the authorized person list on the registration form must be kept up to date. If an unauthorized person arrives to pick up your child access will be denied. Your child will remain under the supervision and custody of staff until an authorized person arrives for pick up.

Snowfall closure policy: Due to heavy snowfall when the transit is close staff will be unable to reach to the centres. The childcare will be closed. Please check the local news and media.

Closure of Centre Policy

PICS Child Care Centre closes for the following days each year:

  • Labour Day (first Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving Day (second Monday in October)
  • Remembrance Day (November 11)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)
  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Good Friday (April)
  • Easter Monday (April)
  • Victoria Day (Monday preceding May 25)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • BC Day (first Monday in August)
  • BC Family Day (third Monday in February)

If a holiday should fall on a weekend, we will close the following Monday in lieu of the holiday.

In addition to the above listed holidays, we close for a week before and a week after May long weekend for Rodeo weeks.


PICS Child Care Centre abides by the rules and regulations set forth by Fraser Heath Authority. Once you have visited our centre and would like to proceed with registering your child, you must complete the registration form and any other required forms. Please find the forms below – print, fill out and return to us.

We also require the following at the time of registration:

  • Non- refundable registration fee $ 100
  • Birth certificate (photocopy)
  • 2 current pictures of your child
  • Care plan (if child has any medical conditions or allergies)
  • Post-dated cheques for 3 months

Fees are payable on 1st day of each month to “PICS Child Care Centre” Yearly tax receipts will be issued in the month of February.

There is no rebate or discount for unused days of childcare for any reason including statutory holidays, family holidays or absence due to illness.