Gender based violence program, helping YOU find strength in self to rediscover YOURSELF!

PICS Society is guided by its mission to provide healthy and safe environment for everyone. The program, Gender Based Violence is designed to safeguard the right of living free from domestic abuse and violence faced by individuals, disabled people, LGBTQI+, Indigenous people and people of color. Here is a letter sent to us by a client after receiving help through PICS Society regarding their situation.  “After receiving barely any responses from other organizations that I had been reaching out to, it almost felt like nobody cared about me. I began feeling hopeless about how the society works. I was pleasantly surprised when PICS contacted me and it was almost unbelievable that I finally received a response from an organization which recognized my issues. I finally saw some scope of hope when I received the email from PICS. It almost felt miraculous as it changed my life for the better. I am [...]