Consul General of India, Vancouver visits PICS Seniors’ Housing Facility

Her Excellency Smt. Abhilasha Joshi, Consul General of India, Vancouver visited PICS Senior Housing Facility today, May 8, 2019 at 11:30 AM. Consul General was pleased to see the quality of services being provided to seniors and congratulated PICS staff for their work at the facility. Greeting the seniors, she said “if you have any problems or concerns, our staff will always listen to you and please feel free to let us know if there is anything we could do for you” Abhilasha Joshi, Consul General. She also agreed to consider providing special access at the PICS senior facility, if needed, so that residents can be better served when they need help with their passport renewals, issuance of visa, life certificate submissions and attestation of power of attorney. PICS C.E.O., Satbir Cheema was grateful that Smt. Abhilasha Joshi Ji visited PICS Senior Housing Facility, he said “Thank you Abhilasha Ji for [...]

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PICS Society is hosting its very first Walk For A Drug and Gang Free Surrey at Surrey City Hall on May 18, 2019, from 9 am to 12 pm. PICS is leading this community initiative by following its vision to build a healthy and just society. The objective is to create awareness about the rise of gang violence and drug abuse in Surrey and the importance of providing programs, services and support systems to tackle this problem.   There is an urgent need for this kind of movement in our community: according to data released by the B.C. Coroners Service Today, 174 people died of a drug overdose in Surrey last year (2017). That’s up from 122 in 2016, 76 in 2015, 44 in 2014 and 36 in 2013. Province-wide, 1,422 people died of an overdose last year, which is 43 percent higher than the 993 deaths in 2016.” Children as [...]

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