Member at Large

Resham (Paul) Dosanjh is a positive, proactive person who has devoted the past 20 years of his life to help, support and empower the vulnerable members of our society through various voluntary initiatives in an effort to help resolve their issues and improve their quality of life. He has volunteered with PICS Seniors Housing, Yoga camp in BC, University of Victoria Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Surrey Memorial Hospital amongst other organizations.

Paul has over 30 years of operations management experience in retail business including sales and human resources. He has managed manufacturing plants as well as multiple retail outlets for over 25 years. Paul has supervised and managed a team of over 75 individuals including senior managers and also has experience in managing large operational budgets.

Paul has won multiple awards for his volunteer work including AMMSA Service Recognition Volunteer Award (2014), Heart in the City Award (Individual Category 2014) and certificate of Appreciation (Volunteer 2008) Swami Ramdev Yoga Camp BC. Paul possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and computer skills. He is proficient in English, Hindi, Fijian Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi.