Dave Hans is a professional Engineer (Registered P. Eng. in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories), small business owner, family man and active member of the Surrey community who strongly believes in public service. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dave has worked on big projects involving cities, universities and multinational organizations.

Dave received his degree from UBC and started his electrical and mechanical engineering firm in 2015, serving as the lead on over 1,000 projects in Metro Vancouver since inception. He is also a nationally sought out engineering consultant currently working in six provinces. Dave sits on the City of Surrey’s Board of Variance where he assists residents to navigate local bylaw provisions.

Dave, his wife and two sons live in Surrey where he has been a resident since 1999. He is an avid chess player, enjoys soccer and cricket, and is a soon-to-be published author of traditional Punjabi poetry.