On behalf of the PICS staff, management and Board, we are saddened to share the news that PICS’ family has lost our Angel, our family elder, Paul Dosanjh after a lengthy illness on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. He was a great man and his absence will be felt by everyone in the PICS family, especially the residents and staff of the PICS Seniors Housing facility.

We want to share this inspirational story of Paul Dosanjh who has dedicated the better part of his life in service of seniors at Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society Guru Nanak Niwas.

Paul was an inspirational leader and exemplary role model. He volunteered at PICS since 2002 with approximately 34,000 hours by working 40 hours per week with PICS. He supported the residents at its Seniors Housing Assisted and Independent Living facilities in Surrey.

Paul also diligently served on multiple boards including PICS Society, Delta Food Bank Society, and SEWA Ventures Society, sitting on several of these board committees. Utilizing his substantial knowledge, skills and experiences in a professional capacity, he played an important role as advocate to help advance PICS Society’s mission which is to promote harmony and intercultural understanding for the purpose of building a more inclusive and mutually respectful society. His considerable involvement and contributions in the various fundraising, social and cultural events held in conjunction with many community and educational partners is remembered with gratitude.

One of Paul’s greatest attributes was that he cared deeply about the well-being of others and gained the trust of the seniors who regularly confided in him. Listening with a kind and sympathetic ear, he enthusiastically assisted, educated and encouraged the seniors to make their own life choices and to voice their opinions, including the care they receive. Many seniors deal with the issue of feeling that their voices aren’t being heard and helping them to stand up for themselves and take an interest to improve upon their welfare is something he was passionate about.

As a senior mentor, Paul also helped the young volunteer adults and seniors develop healthier attitudes about aging. Paul shared his wisdom with the young adults allowing them to learn from his life experiences. This led to a new appreciation between the generations as it helped reduce ageism and loneliness that both groups can experience. He helped build up these groups by creating a healthy environment of cooperation and understanding. Paul’s kind and caring nature made a tremendous impact in the lives of many seniors and young adults alike.

Paul received multiple awards including a Certificate of Appreciation Swami Ramdev Yoga Camp BC (2008);  AMMSA Service Recognition Volunteer Award (2014); Heart in the City Award (2014); an Honorary Membership with the Nominating Society in recognition of his tireless dedicated volunteer work (2017); Certificate of Appreciation from Honorable John Horgan, Premier of BC in recognition of his exceptional contributions to BC through volunteering(2019); and Letter of Appreciation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2020); Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award for Outstanding Service to the Community (2023); Community Crusader Award, The Times of Canada Awards & Gala (2023).