PICS Surrey, Nov 22 – We are pleased to announce that Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Program is expanding its scope to support more Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) by starting to accept clients from Accounting, Law and Other sectors, in addition to the existing sectors of Health, Education and Technology.  The Program has also changed its loan program to provide multiple loans up to $15,000, to cover the cost of credentialing and other career needs of ITP’s to assist them in getting back to their original profession in Canada. “I am delighted to see that PICS continues to look for opportunities to assist more newcomer professionals transitioning into their profession of choice,” said Satbir Cheema, CEO of PICS.

The Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Program helps ITPs, who are Permanent Resident, Canadian citizen or Refugee with legal documents representing working status in BC. The FCR Program helps ITPs to complete their credentialing process, to get employed in their professional field or alternative related career field in the Health, Education, Technology, Accounting, Law and Other Sectors. The Program provides multiple loans with a flexible repayment schedule. “The expansion of FCR program is good news for Internationally Trained Accountants and Lawyers because they are now able to benefit from the program.” Said Raj Brar, Manager FCR Program.

The FCR program also supports clients with resumes, employment coaching, community networking events, job fairs and other opportunities and information that assists our ITP’s getting back into their profession of choice in Canada.

If you would like more information about the program, please call Raj Brar at 604-596-7722×153 or email