Delta Local Immigration Partnership Program

Resources of the Delta Immigrant Strategy and Action Plan

The Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society has been funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to lead the Local Immigration Partnership initiative in the Municipality of Delta. Through the LIP project, PICS will connect sectors that are critical to the successful integration of recent immigrants including settlement services, labour market development, education, health and social services that will lead to a comprehensive and meaningful Local Settlement Strategy.

What is Local Immigration Partnership Program (LIP)?

The LIPs are indirect services that brings about a new form of collaboration at the community-level related to new comers settlement and integration. They aim at:
– Systematizing local engagement in and awareness of newcomers’ integration process;
– Supporting community-level research and strategic planning;
– Improving coordination of effective services (SPOs and mainstream institutions) that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration and lead to better outcomes for newcomers.

The LIP project is being implemented over a three year period

Phase I (April 2014-March 2015) of the LIP initiative included the establishment of the Partnership Council

Phase II (April 2015-March 2016) included research activities and the development of a local Immigrant Settlement strategy, and an action plan for the municipality of Delta

Phase III (April 1, 2016-March 2017) is focusing on maintaining and expanding the number of DLIP Council members, the revision of the Council Terms of Reference, revision and update of Immigrant Settlement Strategy and Development of Action, plans for implementing the DLIP Immigrant Settlement Strategy for the municipality of Delta as well as leveraging new sources of funding to support its implementation

The DLIP program has established a Partnership Council and an Immigrant Advisory Committee with representatives of Delta’s community service agencies and members of the local diverse community to allow meaningful engagement and collaboration among the diversity of members.

Four working groups were set up and were engaged during the two first years of the program to provide leadership and guidance on topics related to newcomers’ socio-economic status, health, child and youth as well as research. Their work contributed to generate relevant information towards the development of the DLIP Research Findings Report as well as the DLIP Community Asset Mapping Report.


DLIP Settlement Strategy and Action Plan Priorities

Based on research findings and after their participation in a Strategic Planning Workshop, Delta Local Immigration (DLIP) Council members selected the following priorities to focus their efforts towards the development of the Immigrant Settlement Strategy and Action Plan:

  • Prior to Arrival Education and Awareness of Available Services
  • Centralized Point of Services
  • Jobs / Labour Market Outcomes
  • Immigrant Newcomers’ Health

DLIP Council members attended several priority working group meetings to develop action plans for each of these priorities. Currently their activities are focused on the development of a Delta Promotional Fact Sheet, the “Welcome to Delta Website”, update of the Delta Neighborhood Guide, an Employers’ Roundtable and a Youth Mental Health Project.

DLIP Community Forum Report 2015 – PDF

DLIP Communitiy Forum Report 2015 Appendices – PDF

For more information about the program or if you have any questions, please contact the program staff.

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